Welcome to comPLAY guide!

Download last version of comPLAY here !

This guide will try to explain at its best all comPLAY features with examples, use cases and demo.

In each page I will explain ( with the right level of detail ) each main feature of comPLAY. Here's how the guide is divided:

  • The first pages will describe how to install comPLAY and how to setup your profile, plus how to update comPLAY.

  • The middle ones will explain how to correctly use the game explorer interface and how to correctly backup and restore savedata. If you are going to create new games inside comPLAY it's REALLY suggested to read the PC Workbench guide

  • The last ones will explain in detail how work the (relatively speaking) advanced features of the software. Reading them is recommended in every case.

  • Like in a Movie DVD, there's some Extra at the end: FAQs and various other things .

Remember : if you need help with a certain function or element you can click the '?' button next to it directly from the app and you will be brought on the right chapter/paragraph of the guide.

Forgive me for any english mistakes

Let's start...

Chapters of the guide

Getting started - 5 minutes of reading

Start fiddling with games

Advanced features