Select a profile

Select a profile

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Here you can do all kind of operations on profiles:

  • Select a profile to load
  • Create a new one
  • Load a GUEST profile
  • Change your profile's core existence

Change profile

A tipical select profile screen

You will see this screen at startup if more profiles are on disk, or by pressing the right button on main menu.

Simply press the "Load profile" button or the whole panel to load the highlighted profile.

VERY IMPORTANT: Selecting a profile that isn't the last one you loaded will trigger the SWITCH Profile feature.

SWITCH Profile

If you load a profile that isn't the last loaded one (HINT: You can read it on the bottom of the screen) you will trigger the SWITCH Profile function.

What it does?

Its allow more users to play on the same machine at the same games without any data conflict.

Wow, is really working?


How does it work? I have to do something to make it working?

When you switch a profile with another, comPLAY will keep apart progress of the 'old' user and will restore the progress of the 'just loaded' user. comPLAY will intervene on PINNED GAMES of both users. If you don't know what is a pinned games you can learn about it here.

As long as both users launch games through comPLAY and/or both manually PIN games they are playing its working flawlessly.

How I recognize that comPLAY has switched correctly both profiles?

In the main menu you can check icons on the bottom-right of the screen.

You can find extra messages on the bottom of the screen, if you have to perform extra actions. They will be explained after some preliminary talking...

There is something I should know?

Sit down. Relax.

All is working good except when we are talking about... other cloud services.

If you use them, they detect that something has changed and they try to restore some other savegames, probably overwriting someone progress if you don't answer wisely at their prompt.

comPLAY pacifically live together with Steam Cloud because it NEVER touch resources that are inside Steam Cloud folder.

Compatibility with others cloud services is not guaranteed!

I repeat:

Compatibility with cloud services of others platform like Origin or uPlay is not guaranteed!

What does it mean?

That comPLAY will detect if you HAVE to switch to a your personal Steam profile when you are playing with a game property of another user while you are logged with its profile.

Just share your account with your brother/friend using Family Sharing and simply switch on your personal Steam account.

Would there be an alternative solution?

Yes. Disable any other cloud savegame services. Than comPLAY could manage at the best any savegames from everywhere.

But is not a solution that I encourage, so it is not contemplated. For not, at least.

Steam cloud warning

If this sign is present at the bottom of the screen, mean that comPLAY has found some game that save inside Steam Cloud folder. For the issues addressed above, comPLAY will not touch savegames inside Steam Cloud.

What is the solution?

If the another user is logged on Steam, do the logout.

The login with a your personal Steam Profile. Steam will manage savegame switching for you.

You can share the games buyed from the other profile using Steam Family Sharing, but is certain not covered by this guide!

Spurious savegame

This is a problem. comPLAY has detected that something has messed with your/another user savegames, and during the SWITCH phase some save coudn't be moved/restored because folder was already there and it was not possible to move it.

What has caused it?

Someone has played one games without pinning it and/or has hijacked the backup/restore folder.

What comPLAY has done about it?

To avoid unreparable damage, comPLAY added on both savegames folder (the one where it want to operate and the other that give problems) the label _SPURIOUS_n[RANDOMNUMBER].


comPLAY has simply skipped that resource.

You have to navigate into game folder and sort that mess by yourself.

GUEST profile

If you like to play on your friend's couch or simply you want to make your savegame the most 'portable' possible, this is for you.

Pressing the GUEST box will open a folder choser window where you have the chance to select a comPLAY Storage folder.

After selecting one, you can load any existent profile on that location like it is a local profile.

It that way you can continue to play with your savegame like you as if I were on your pc, allowing you to:

  • Continue you playthrough on your friend's couch
  • Play without leaving any relevant trace on the local PC
  • Help your friends to pass an hard stage at its home
  • Organize a nerdy gaming night
  • Any eventuality doesn't written here

Cool, but how can I have all my savedata in a way that I can go to play out of my home?

Nice question: that's why SYNC exist! Go to check it out!

It is important to say that all pinned games progress done by the local profiles are kept safe thanks to the SWITCH function so don't worry about overwriting your friend's progress!

You can then restore/backup your savedata like you are on your PC! The SYNC function will provide to copy it back when you return to your home! Be sure to check the pratical example on how SYNC function works.

New profile

Self explanatory. Read the corresponding page of the manual.

Edit your profile

Here you can..:

  • Rename your profile: Press the button to rename your profile name to something different. WARNING : be SURE to do it only with ALL your external ExStorages plugged on/available on your machine: comPLAY will rename them according to your new profile name, but if the are unreachable they will be (until your manual intervention) invisible by comPLAY.

  • Delete your profile: Destroy your comPLAY profile. NB: This will NOT delete your savegames or any other data on any comPLAY Storage: you have to do it manually!