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This is the core of comPLAY. All revolve around this, so don't waste time and let's understand how things works...

All is divided into few but important steps:

  • 1 - Select a game (Or create it if comPLAY doesn't know it! )
  • 2 - Decide what you want to do with your selected game
  • A or B - Do it

The last step is a bit ambiguous, I know. But let's go in order...

1 - Select a game

On the left there is a game list that reflect the games found during your last search.

By default, when you have just entered this window, you will find all your PINNED GAMES.

What is a pinned game? Is previously selected game that you decided to PIN, and logically reflect...

  • ... a game that you are active playing, more or less.
  • ... a game that has savedata you don't want to lose.
  • ... a game you launched through comPLAY.
  • ... a game with want to find 'quickly'.

comPLAY will perform a lot of actions on your pinned games, but for now you can just assume that is a quick way to retrieve games you are interested to play/backup!

Now: how can I select a game? There are many ways:

  • Search its full name (or part of it) in the searchbar on the top-left

  • NB: Searchbar isn't case-sensitive

  • Seach your game through a common alias

  • i.e. you can search GTA instead of Grand Theft Auto (that cool game where you can steal cars, you know?)

  • i.e. you can search tes V or skyrim instead of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim (that cool game with a 250% rate of injured knees)

  • Search it through your pinned games list, by pressing the related icon below the searchbar.

  • Check if comPLAY is able to find it with a complete system scan using the retrieve all games on system button.

NB: Some games can be displayed a little...differently compared to others. These games are called user entry and they appear before any official entry. Use this at your advantage!

Now: you have found your game using one/all of these actions?

If yes, simply click it.

If not, probably you can do us a favour inserting it into comDB using the wizard procedure. Thanks in advance! :)

2 - I've selected it. Now?

Now on your right you can find all data comPLAY know about your game.

You can find a lot of content here, and I will illustrate them in sequence:

Game name


PIN or UNPIN button

Use it to tell comPLAY that you want to PIN (or NOT) a game. All pinned games are handled with care by comPLAY. Is very important to know what is a pinned game, so be sure to lean about it above!

Edit game

If a game (for various reasons) doesn't work like you want or you simply want to change/expand its data, you can press this button and you can change it through the PC Workbench wizard procedure.

Note that you have to PIN again the game, if you finish the wizard!

Internet is full of fantasic community, so why don't link them together? You can visit the game page on these sites with just a click.

I could certainly explain what does every single supported site but let prevail your explorer side !

Error box

If you don't see it it's better.

Launch the game

If game has been properly created during the PC Workbench wizard, you can launch your game pressing a single button.

If more executables has been inserted during that phase, you can circle them using the ... button. comPLAY will remember your last executed exe.

You can add extra executabes pressing the + button. You can even set launch parameters, if you need.

The trash bin icon will be displayed for deleting a custom inserted executable.

Backup & Restore

Too important to liquidate them through a single phrase. Check the chapters below!

A - How to backup the game

Pressing the BACKUP button will display all data comPLAY has found about your selected game.

NB: Pay attention to any message displayed in the Error box in the previous screen. This can influence what resource you can actually backup!

Depending on what data exist about your game, you can select each 'box' to tell comPLAY to backup it. You can obliviously select more than one box. Also, it will be displayed the path and any additional warning message about the current resource!

Available backuppable resources are divided into few groups:

  • SAVEDATA - Are all data that your game create for memorizing your settings and progress. Basically the things that are erased when everything corrupt.

  • CONFIGURATION - A subset of 'SAVEDATA'. It contain ONLY files used by the game to memorize things like keyboard/gamepad layout and graphical settings. NB: This will be tied your current machine name. I hope you spent 15 seconds reading this. Don't you ? .

  • SCREENSHOT - This will contain ONLY screenshot taken by the game. If you 'backup' them they will be moved inside a root folder in your comPLAY Storage!

To understand better the deal look this sets:

An image is better than thousand words

If any resource is there, you can set some extra info to better understand WHAT are you backupping. They are very powerful, but totally optional:


You can insert a message to tell to your future yourself your latest progress, or what you have reached/accomplished until that particular backup. You can leave it empty if you are timid.


You can set a particular colour to identify your savedata/playthrough. You can cycle all available colours using RIGHT MOUSE CLICK and you can delete the personalization with RIGHT MOUSE CLICK (or cycle through all available colour).

Also, comPLAY will remember your last used marker colour.

WHY using it?

  • You can set different colour to differentiate different playthrough. If comPLAY have to update a previous backup, it will only touch the backup with the same colour, leaving the possibility to having different playthroughs and/or experience different story path.

  • Combine this with TAGS to differentiate your different saves at your need.

i.e. Want to replay Mass Effect, this time being a good guy? Differentiate your new playthrough with a BLUE MARKER, and comPLAY will know that you are experiencing again an ugly ending.

i.e. Want to fork your The Witcher 2 story experience with an alternate story path? Set a different MARKER for your playthrough and you can keep the 2 story branch at the same time!

i.e. Want to start again your Starbound story, maybe with a friends, but you don't want to lose your single player progress? Put a different marker and go on!

Like you have read its working perfectly with RPGs, but you can adapt it on every situation you want to have different playthrough, expecially where game don't support it natively!

After you have done selecting game resources and TAG/MARKER, press the button and start the backup!

After that all your data has been backupped in your local comPLAY Storage. Where is it? Its depending on where you put it on your profile creating wizard.

If you want, you can check your local storage to see it. Navigate through the folders tree and see the .zip file comPLAY has created, with inside your precious data.

NB: Screenshot will be moved inside a common folder inside the 'comPLAY Storage', not inside game's folder.

Now you have learned everything about backupping. But...you have to restore the data, sooner or later. You can simply restore manually your progress opening the .zip file that contain your savedata, but then why comPLAY should exist?

B - How to restore data

Restoring data is much more simple then backupping, but doesn't mean that is less important...

Pressing the RESTORE button will display all backup you previously done that comPLAY has found about your game.

NB: Pay attention to any message displayed in the Error box in the previous screen. This can influence what resource you can actually restore!

Each 'box' rappresent an archive you created in the past, coloured if you used a MARKER during the creation (check above to understand better how MARKER are working).

Optionally there might be a Restore Warning, if it was set during the game creations.

NB: If present, the last CONFIGURATION will be automatically selected for restoring.

After you have done selecting available archives press the button and start the restore!