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comDB data are under CC+ Licence.

You can use them under CC BY-NC 3.0 OR under a different license, if negotiated privately with the comPLAY owner.

comDB logo is under copyright: Copyright © 2017 VFansss

Also, comPLAY use these external libraries/resources:

SQLite under Public Domain.

KnownFolders by Syroot, under MIT licence.

Newtonsoft.Json by James Newton-King, under MIT licence.

Costura by Fody, under MIT licence.

DotNetZip.Semverd by haf, under MS-PL Licence.

DotNetZip (and consequently comPLAY) comply with terms and condition by:

jzlib, under BSD (3 clause) licence

zlib, under zlib Licence

Apache Commons Compress, under the Apache 2 license.

Check this file to read their licence and copyright notices.

comPLAY Guide is built using MkDocs, and is under BSD Licence.

comPLAY Guide use a custom theme for MkDocs called Material for MkDocs by squidfunk, and is under under MIT licence.

All icons used on comPLAY app (aside comPLAY logo and application icon) are made by Freepik from

All icons used in the comPLAY website come from Font Awesome by Dave Gandy.

Copyrights for these external libraries/resources belong to their respective owners.

Without their work comPLAY would never have been born.

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