Install comPLAY

Install comPLAY

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Probably you already experimented that comPLAY doesn't have any installer.


Because I hate installers. Easy. I found them very annoying, and often not really required, expecially if I want to TRY the software and then MAYBE keep it on my pc.

Also, I like to keep them portable in some occasion.

I've tried to surpass this issues in a...personal way.



I think that this menu and the available options explain themself very good.

The things that are executed are not, but they aren't important, no?

You can select the options you want to perform and then apply them with the APPLY button.

Windows UAC

The important things to understand is that if you start comPLAY through any shortcut created through this menu the Windows UAC will not raise.

Pretty cool, uh?