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Edit settings & Quick settings

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The Edit settings is my favourite pages. Why? Because I rarely have to use it.

tl;dr : Be sure to check the Quick preferences parts of this page .

Edit settings

Isn't too difficult to understand what 'Edit settings' screen does.

The interesting thing is HOW does it.

Quick Preferences

The whole comPLAY is built around the 'usability' concept.

What differentiate a mini-cheap laptop from a big monster tower i7 Uber TDI Common Rail computer?

Or what differentiate having a good fiber optic internet connection to a cheap ADSL that doesn't work when it rain?

Exactly : how much is capable to perform "things".

So the purpouse of the quick preferences is to push to the max what you can do with what you have.

Answering to the questions will set automatically the preferences for:

  • Auto-Update of the game backups - When backupping it will create a new archive or simply it will update an existing one to minimize the total space occupied?)

  • Screenshot managing - Take dozens of screenshots is cool, but let them fill your little laptop isn't. Also, it will avoid to upload your screenshot to any cloud provider, if you don't have a fast internet solution.

  • Tune the SYNC function - comPLAY will avoid to sync every savegame you created, if you don't have a lot of space to spend or the internet line to upload/download them.

Edit single settings manually

Not ready for now :|