Create a profile

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After starting comPLAY for the first time, you will be prompted to create a new profile. The steps doesn't really need a guide but the only few input you insert here can change radically how comPLAY will use your data, so its worth some explanations.

Insert your profile name

A tipical create profile screen

Onestly I think its pretty self explanatory: just insert some familiar name. Isn't needed to use some edgy nickname like Panzerfaust91 (you will be the only that will see it!).

The only real important is the I'm playing on ....

I'm playing on

This can't be changed by the user through comPLAY.

This is (to make it short) your PC name.

Why is important ? Because comPLAY will use it for...

  • ... automatical switch game configurations for different machines.
  • ... understand where you played a game for the last time.
  • ... sync savegames with SYNC function.

Like you can imagine, this will be VERY important if you use comPLAY on different machines at once.

Its a good behaviour to change it to something more personal and identifying like PC-Cupcake or MonnaLisaPC, through isn't strictly required.

The important things to understand is that after you pass through this screen, comPLAY will start to use actively this name, so is suggested to change it before continuing or not change it at all from now on.

How you can edit it? Here is some link for Windows 10 and Windows 7

Select your main storage location

comPLAY will use a base storage location to save this kind of data:

  • All your games savedata
  • All your games configuration settings
  • All game screenshots you made
  • Others personal data...

comPLAY will save (and search) this data from a local storage folder called called comPLAY Storage.

comPLAY will put that folder on 'My Document' folder by default.

You have the chance to change it, if you like.

If you don't know what to do, simply leave it like it is.

NB: This directory can contain data from more than one user!

Why change its location?

Based on what games you are going to play and how much data are you going to produce, this directory can become BIG (even several GB), so you have the chance to put it somewhere else where space isn't an issues.

Just remember that this directory must be ALWAYS available for comPLAY so don't choose places that they are not.