Latest release date: 29 April '18

Would you kindly read this?

comPLAY is an ongoing work-in-progress!

If you've come here, probably you would expect a finished and powerful software. Probably we are not so far away but...

...we are just at the beginning. Countless of hours are awaiting around the corner, so a little support is always appreciated!

Growing means receiving helpful feedback, suggestions or even just a thank you: The most useful thing you can do is to join the official Discord server and report features you like, things to correct, suggestion on things you would like to be there, taking your time.

The software is designed to do the utmost in less time, but be sure to check the official comPLAY guide. It explain every little features of the software in the less time possible. Is expecially useful if you want to insert new games for everyone!

If you want, you can check the source code on the comPLAY GitHub Repo.

Tell me what you think: I love to hear opinions. I hope you will like comPLAY like I do.

Try comPLAY!


Windows 7 (x86 or x64) or above

.NET Redistributable 4.0 (Click here to download them)

Working internet at first startup (to download supported games from comDB)

20 MB + all needed space for your backups

Raccomanded: 2 GB on disk to make the best use of all program features

No installation required - Try before, install later: comPLAY can be installed AFTER you have opened it. Just search the 'INSTALL' function on the Main Menu!

If you've read all of this, you've already done half the effort: knowing what 'com' mean. Now you have only to...'PLAY'.

Powered by GitHub. comPLAY is 100% virus free and safe for privacy!

Check the source code yourself or the VirusTotal online scan (Build 180403)

All comPLAY features are free.

Since the 180406 release, if we sum up all the works I've done on comPLAY (Website, application plus guides) we far exceed the length of The Fellowship of the Ring, the first volume of the Lord of The Ring saga!

Show some serious LOVE for the project DONATING for...

...the GOLDEN TAPE version!

comPLAY Gold

Pay-what-you-want for:

A warm fuzzy sensation of love and friendship

A sense of pride and accomplishment for supporting the comPLAY project: We both give value to our project!

A game you are playing isn't on comPLAY? Access the private Discord room and request the game you want. It will be supported in a sec!

Try during development the upcoming features of comPLAY

> REWIND feature: Go back with your saves by minutes or hours

> THEME feature: Change the comPLAY color palette

Pay-what-you-want, and support this project on Patron!

Still undecided?

Don't worry: is comprehensible...

Check the comPLAY official guide, or tell your doubts on the official Discord Server