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Your savedata and your gaming experience are two-way tied.

And comPLAY is born for both of them: manage the former, and greatly improve the latter.

What is comPLAY?

comPLAY is a free manager (for now only for Windows) that solve any issues you may have with savegames, and goes even further than that offering a great variety of features like the coexistence in the same game of different users' savedata, sync among local and cloud storages of your choice, a mini 'game launcher', an automatically managed screenshot gallery and a LOT more, all through a FAST and clean interface.

Less clicks is a mantra for the project: do the utmost with less clicks, and less time spent clicking around.

I'm sure of that because first of all I created it for myself :P

And this means more time for fun, either if you play a lot or you are an occasional gamer.

The 'com' stands for 'community': comPLAY support all games inside comDB, a common free-to-use database built from user contributions. You can review the code (or contribute to it) on the project's GitHub repo, or you can ask for questions, help or simply say yours in the dedicated Discord server.

<< But if I need help to do [SOMETHING]? >> Well: that's why the comPLAY Guide exist! No need to read it all in one breath: you can reach the needed page or paragraph simply from the app, just when you need it!!

comPLAY is as free as air, so why don't you try it?.


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Noteworthy features

Backup and restore games data

comPLAY will backup and restore all savegames you have done, screenshots you’ve taken, and configurations you set. You can also easily switch between different playthroughs in a matter of seconds: label your savedata and comPLAY will keep them organized, regardless of whichever different adventure you’re playing!

comPLAY Golden Tape Edition will receive SOON™ these features:

REWIND feature: Go back with your saves by minutes or hours

THEME feature: Change the comPLAY color palette

Pay-whay-you-want and support our project!

Multiple users with automatic save switching

comPLAY will allow you to create multiple user profiles, so different players can have fun at the same games without any conflicts in save data or configurations! You can switch profile in a single second so if your brother or a flatmate is playing and you want to demostrate that you are better than him you can just switch your profile and all your savedata/settings are there, ready to be loaded!

Sync your data everywhere you want, and can

Do you prefer to backup your saves on a cloud provider like Dropbox or Drive? Or on an external HD? Maybe an USB Memory Card? Why not all at once? comPLAY will keep all of them synchronized with your latest savedata! Sync your data through your powerful internet connection, or your local memory devices, or both, is easy as doing few clicks.

Same savegame, different devices

You have different gaming devices? comPLAY can synchronize your latest progress, keeping different configurations for each device without any manual input, so you can see the beautiful graphics on your gaming PC and continue playing on your laptop without having to reconfigure anything. All of it is done automatically! P.S. : Internet is not mandatory ;)

Is slow?

I know what you mean. comPLAY has a set of options already optimized for those who have a slow internet connection (or when every MB matter) or a storage with only a bunch of remaining GB!

Automatic screenshot managing

Do you like taking screeshot of your gaming actions? comPLAY will automatically create a photo library, keeping your gaming actions safe at the same time!

Fast. FAST.

Everything is designed for as few clicks as possible. Configure the app in the infamous '15 seconds questionnaire!', designed for those who want to have the most without having to waste any precious time. A mini-launcher is also included in comPLAY for launching your games without having to open anything else!

And a lot more...

comPLAY is free! Try it now!